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1.) Can I decorate the bottle as I want to pack it as gift to friends or family?
We can decorate or paste a small polymer clay on top of the bottle as a birthday gift or special gift to your friends and family

2.) Can I bring my own glass bottle to Penguin WorkStation?
You can bring your own beautiful glass bottle to us to grow your prefer plant (selected from our list) into the bottle. There will be an additional charge on it due to using 'special' methods to clean the bottle and it will take 4 weeks.

3.) If the products / clay was sold out, can I make order?
If the products / polymer clay you like was sold out, you can contact us to checking. Some of the products/ clay, we can re-produce for you.

4.) If the medium was finished or the plant cannot fix in the bottle, what can I do?
You can clean the medium and plant the dragonfruit in a soil or move the aqua plant into water (half water).

Dealer is welcome.

How to transplant the plant from the bottle

1.) Transplant of aqua plants from bottle to aquarium or water

2.) Transplant of plants from bottle to soil (Dragon Fruit, FlyTrap, etc)

- Picture of plant in flowering / blooming

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