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Plant in the bottle - Bacopa


Bottle in Middle (Large bottle) - RM 30 (Sold)

Bacopa 长得像金钱树
* 植物可在瓶中生長半年左右。
* 生長情形和正常植物相同。

- 请勿重摔,过度摇晃!
- 产生水气为自然现象,随摆放时间,水气会逐渐消失。
- 半日照,忌阳光直射。

Bacopa plant look like ' Money Tree '. A nice plant to friends during Chinese New Year or decoration in shop.
Plant in the bottle ~" Does not need water "
* the plant may grow about half a year in the bottle
* the growing pattern is similar to normal plant.
* when the plant grows up, or nutrition deficit, the plant can be transplanted from the bottle to clean water.

- please do not fall or over shaking!
- please do not turn on the bottle cap! It iss an aseptic condition in the bottle. The cap can be opened when you like to transplant it into clean water / aquarium.
- the moisture in the bottle is a natural phenomenon. The moisture will be vanishing gradually after some time.
- avoid direct sunlight to the plant.

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